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Gallipoli: The Landing

Author: Dolan,Hugh

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Product Type: Book

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781742231570



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The truth about the assault on Gallipoli is finally being told
— in an action-packed graphic novel format!

Gallipoli: The Landing takes the events of 25 April 1915 and presents them in a full-colour comic that's both action-packed and historically accurate. Rather than a botched attack planned by indifferent British generals, the Gallipoli campaign was carefully thought out and included an amphibious attack on the beach by Anzac officers.

Hugh Dolan and Mal Gardiner bring the real story to life, describing the lead-up and the attack on Gallipoli in detail — from both sides of the fighting. Including biographies of all the key military figures as well as detail about the preparations for the landing itself, Gallipoli: The Landing dispels many myths associated with the Gallipoli campaign and establishes some of the reasons why the campaign in the Dardanelles eventually failed.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Comics/Graphic Novels

Subject: True Stories

Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary, Middle Primary

School Year: Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

Ages: 9 to 14

Page Count: 104

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