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 Reinvented dry-erase tools for every classroom!

Handheld and totally customisable, these innovative whiteboards include a whiteboard on one side and a dry-erase sleeve on the reverse side! Simply slide any worksheet into the whiteboard, grab a marker and start the lesson! Six different colours, with over 100 free downloadable worksheets and growing.

Say goodbye to weak whiteboard markers, KleenSlate markers are the superheroes of the dry erase world. Certified non-toxic, low odor, and come with an erase cap at the end of each marker to wipe away mistakes. Specially designed durable pen points will prevent blunt pens.

Full access to range of downloadable templates for each Key Learning Area is also available at

Complete set includes:
  • 12 double-sided student whiteboard paddles in 6 colours
  • 12 black dry-erase markers with erasers
  • 12 complimentary microfibre cleaning cloths.

12 double-sided whiteboards (6 colours) each 203 mm x 254 mm, 12 black dry-erase pens, 12 micro-fibre cloths, 1 double-sided template.
Ages: 3 to 12

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